Nam June Paik Art Center renovation project reconfigures about 12,000 sf of the existing museum (more than one third of publicly accessible area) and provide the public with new ways to interpret, linger, exchange, and inhabit the institution. The large shell of the art center provides unusual opportunity to explore the idea of “building in building” and “figure in figure” and test the typological approach to appropriate the sites of institutional conventions for more flexible and transformative public use.

“Open Ground,” the new entry floor of the museum is designed around three large-scale programmatic zones - WORKSHOP circle, floating PROJECT GALLERY, and the new environment for Paik’s “TV GARDEN (1974)”- with a strong figural presence and spatial characteristics, and aims to promote extended duration and accentuate the unexpected and multifarious ways that the public interacts with the art and its stories. Combined with supplementary mobile elements, the three buildings within the building also frame additional user amenities. (continue to 2nd floor Flux Playroom

Design Architect: N H D M Architecture + Urbanism
Local Architect of Record : ALab Architects

Support: GyeogGi Cultural Foundation


WORKSHOP circle (with PROJECT GALLERY, and the new environment for Paik’s “TV GARDEN (1974)” at the background)

New environment for Paik’s “TV GARDEN (1974)” 


WORKSHOP circle (details) 

Three new figures  

View from the PROJECT GALLERY 

User amenity under the PROJECT GALLERY