Nam June Paik Art Center renovation project reconfigures about 12,000 sf of the existing museum (more than one third of publicly accessible area) and provide the public with new ways to interpret, linger, exchange, and inhabit the institution. The large shell of the art center provides unusual opportunity to explore the idea of “building in building” and “figure in figure” and test the typological approach to appropriate the sites of institutional conventions for more flexible and transformative public use.

"Flux NJP Play Room" located on the second floor for the Art Center is a space for user guided self-learning and topical exploration designed with media integrated custom furnishing, and infrastructure for moving image projections and other future technologies. Built in the underutilized residual space around the circulation core in a minimum and unusual footprint, the Room provides a space of solitude and of intimacy with the learning material amid the expansiveness of the open gallery that occupies most of the floor. The geometry of the wall delineates immersive surfaces for media projections and unexpected spaces for group or personal use, while producing a new scale obscuring the perception of its confines.  (Continue to ground floor )